if you purchase the right size/width of Christian Louboutin shoe

1. března 2012 v 14:38
The outbreak of World War II resulted in restrictions on the use of the leather needed by the military. Wood, cork soles, and uppers made of fake leather, canvas, and raffia filled in for the lack of leather. The rationing of materials for shoe production also created a demand for sandals and espadrilles, as well as peep-toe, or open toed pumps. The alternative styles remained popular for the rest of the century and on into the 21st century.
Sight changes in women's dress shoes included taller heels and the revival of the Italian heel or stiletto, popular into the late 1950's.
The upper part of this Christian Louboutin shoe is styled with classic detailing in mind, looking more like a tennis Christian Louboutin shoe than a sporty overpriced running Christian Louboutin shoe. The pigskin and mesh blend is light and breathable, keeping your feet dryer longer. They are available in a wide range of women's sizes, from US5 Extra Narrow to US13 Extra Wide, and everything in between. The color palette that New Balance chose for this Christian Louboutin shoe is just as stylish as the design, offering them in Black, Grey, White/Navy, Pink, and vintage Grey Suede.
Doesn't the name just sound so cute and adorable? Trust me, if you purchase the right size/width of Christian Louboutin shoe, you will love this style! It is excellent for just about any occasion (work, casual wear, dress). The heel is low enough to prevent discomfort, particularly if you are prone to bunions. Generally, a "kitten heel," is about 1/4-1 inch. In addition to regular Christian Louboutin shoes, manufacturers have added these heels to mules (Louboutin Shoes without a back or back strap) and flip flops. I own several pairs to give me that extra lift I mentioned above when wearing skirts, capris, denim or even suits. They are so easy to slip on and go, particularly if you wear them without socks.
I love a great pair of sexy stiletto's! What woman does not? But - I also love my Christian Louboutin, as I am sure you know already:-)
The Louboutins I choose to wear, have everything to do with not only my mood, but practicality as well. Depending upon my activity on any given day - my shoes will reveal it first!
The more 'mature' a woman becomes, the more independent she is, of the trends that are considered popular and acceptable by others

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