IRO Thom Belt

22. června 2013 v 12:39
A simple black belt can transform any outfit from everyday to directional cool in an instant. Case in point? This woven-detail Thom belt from IRO. Wear yours with classic cropped trousers for a subtle touch of golden sophistication.
Black matte leather Thom belt featuring a varied gold-tone rectangular woven embellishment, gold-tone buckle, and a single belt loop. IRO belt is 2cm in width.

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The Christian Louboutin shoes have many styles. How to choose the right one for your feet is a big problem. First when you buy a fashion Christian Louboutin shoes, you need to choose one that you feel comfortable when you try on.

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Never choose the bigger size or smaller size of the high heel. The exact size is the best. Second, before you wear the shoes, you can use some soap to mop on the shoes

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Then you would not feel foot pain when walking. Last, after you take off the Christian Louboutin shoes, wash your feet with warm water. These are the basic knowledge for wearing the beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes.

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The women who wear Christian Louboutin shoes always say it like the comfortable, stylish, beautiful shoes. Since the Christian Louboutin shoes makes them confident, feminine appeal.

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